2007, December 13 - "Savannah Morning News," "Island Closeup," (ENG)
2007, March-April - "International Gymnast Magazine" March-April 2007 issue (ENG)
2004, November - "International Gymnast Magazine" (ENG)
2004, August 17 - "Na rok by uz mohla ocakavania splnit" (SVK)
2004, August 16 - "Savannah resident fails toadvance, but satisfied" (ENG)
2004, August 16 - "Zuzana Sekerova: 'Finale bude az v Pekingu' " (SVK)
2004, August 14 - "Zuzana Sekerova's Athens Diary"(ENG)
2004, August 2 - "Tajnym snom je finalova ucast" (SVK)
2004, August - "Savannah Morning News" (ENG)
2004, July 31 - "Byt benjaminom ma vyhody i nevyhody" (SVK)
2004, July 30 - "Anketa: Su slovenski olympionici povercivi?" (SVK)
2004, July 30 - "Tak slubujeme!" (SVK)
2004, July 29 - "V Sydney primala, teraz sa citi i na Peking" (SVK)
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2004, June 15 - "V Sydney plac, v Atenach usmev? " (SVK)
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2004, June 14 - "Dve zlate pre Zuzanu Sekerovu" (SVK)
2004, June 11 - "Na Gym-festivale v Trnave bude aj olympionicka Sekerova" (SVK)
2004, April 2 - "Jeden sampionat (osmy), dva kluby" (SVK)
2004, April - "Sportova gymnastika: Krakov" (SVK)
2004, April - "Do Amsterdamu pojdu Adamska aj Sekerova" (SVK)
2004, January - "International Gymnast Magazine " (ENG)
2002 April - "Olympian tumbles into U of C program" (ENG)
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2001 - (BUL)
2000 March - "Zuzana Sekerova s najvyssou znamkou" (SVK)
2000 May - "Pomohla Zuzke zmeskana rozcvicka? " (SVK)
2000 (summer) - "Sucastou mojej pripravy bol aj oddych a liecenie v Piestanoch" (SVK)


World Gymnastics Ranking
Current ranking of a gymnast is not only reflection of how a gymnasts places at current competitions but also his/her participation. If someone does not compete he/she can't make the points that gymnasts that do compete. So it is more reflection of how active a gymnast currently is in the sport of gymnastics. top

3 June 2007
While heel heals, Sekerova teaches.
Savannah-based gold medalist, husband bring mobile gym to Bluffton

15 August 2004
Qualification Competition, Athens 2004 Olympics

12 August 2004
Podium training, Athens 2004 Olympics

06 August 2004
Savannah College of Art and Design Chronicle says:
Zuzana Sekerova, wife of cheerleading coach Wayne Evans, will be competing in the 2004 Summer Olympic Games as Slovakia’s sole gymnast. Sekerova, a veteran of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, recently returned to Slovakia, where she is training more than five hours a day and staying with her family... The Chronicle top

23 July 2004
Savannah Morning News online (Savannah Now)
Three years ago, as Zuzana Sekerova sat in her home in Slovakia and scrolled the Internet for a tumbling coach in the U.S., she had no intention of returning to her earlier sport of gymnastics - or of finding a husband... read more here top

European Championships Amsterdam 2004
Event finals results and routines of finalists (GER) more heretop

13 May 2004
Sekerova Healing From Amsterdam, Hopeful For Athens
International Gymnast Magazine online: Slovakia's Zuzana Sekerova told IG she is recovering from the injury she suffered during the recent European Championships, and is preparing for... read more here (look near the bottom of the page) top

03 May 2004
European Championships 2004, results top

02 May 2004
European Championships 2004, commentary
Zuzana Sekerova – opened powerfully with an arabian double front and made it through to her second tumble and heartbreak. She fell on her 2 ˝ twist – punch front... read more here top

12 March 2004
Friendship Classic in Pottsville
Winners of the "FRIENDSHIP CLASSIC 2004", held this weekend in Pottsville, PA./USA were Gymnasts from Russia and Ukraine in the the junior and senior all-around and event titles... read more here top

January 2004
International Gymnast Magazine online
Although 2000 Olympian Zuzana Sekerova of Slovakia says she never planned to compete internationally after the 2001 World Championships, various changes in her life have given her... read more here top

08 June 2000
CZE and SVK Meet Results top

14-16 April 2000
Romania dominated their annual invitational held this past weekend in Ploesti. World champ Maria Olaru topped the women's standings with a stunning 39.05, scoring no lower than a 9.65 (vault) and tying for the highest score of the day with a 9.875 on floor... read more heretop


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