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28 December 2010
Holidays are almost over
The holidays are amost over. But before then, there will be one more fun celebration of the coming year which is expected to be wonderfull in every way. Graduation from SCAD is near and so many ideas for what to do next. All will come in time - one thing at a time. top

14 November 2010
Finish line
I finished a second to last quarter last week. I managed to finished with As in both of my classes. My current GPA, unfortunately, is 3.96 due to a B I got couple of quarters ago - which is disappointing as I will not be considered for Valedictorian without 4.0. ...I know grades are "not important". The knowledge is! But still....!

I began to hunt for jobs and realized I would fit perfectly into the advertising industry. I have interviewed so far with couple of worldwide advertising firms and I like and was liked by both (I think). Of course I have a preference but the industry is exciting regardless of which one of the two companies I end up with. Although, I need to do more research still to find more opportunities for jobs to apply my Interactive Design and Game Development BFA degree.

In terms of gymnastics I am currently only somewhat involved - teaching on Saturdays only. This keeps me close to the sport and stretching at least once a week myself. Although, I flipped a bit last week ...and of course I was sore the next couple of days. What do I expect after months of focusing on school and barely getting a split or two in once a week.

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, I hope you all enjoy your holidays - I know I will with my friends. Until next time!

11 JULY 2009
Floor Ex. and Beam Choreography
If you need all new, fresh and unique routine to stand out from the crowd check out my Facebook page for Floor and Beam Choreography. You will find few examples of the many routines I have choreographed in the past. If you are ready to give new look and feel to your routines, contact me through Facebook and I will get back to you ASAP since limited number of routines are available. top
6 June 2009
Focusing on Coach Wayne Gymnastics and 1st Annual Summer Show
The spring quarter at SCAD is over and I turned my focus to Coach Wayne Gymnastics. We are working on improving internal systems and procedures to increase accuracy, efficiency and excellence in everything we do.

We have our 1st Annual Summer Show coming up on July 19th. Students of Coach Wayne gymnastics will perform in center court of the Shelter Cove Mall, July 19th, at 3:00PM for audience of parents, friends and any of you who would like to come by and watch.

12 March 2009
International Gymnastics Camp in Slovakia
This year I am organizing International Gymnastics Camp held in Trnava, Slovakia. Trnava is city where I grew up. The camp will be held at the same gym I was training at most of my gymnastic career. I am inviting select girls from Savannah, Bluffton and Hilton Head area but if you are a gymnast or mom of a gymnast from elsewhere and your are interested in participating, call me at 912-398-4202. Here is some basic info about the camp:

I am looking to make this camp happen May 29 - June 14, approximately two weeks in length. This can be extended additional week (extra coaching fees will be required). I would like it to coincide with a competition (*Gym-Festival) on 5-6-7th of June. We would be staying in the city of Trnava which is about 25-35 minutes away from the capital Bratislava (1.5 hour from Vienna, Austria). My gym in Trnava is one of the two top gyms in Slovakia (obviously).

I plan for daily practices to be 1 hour in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. This can be adjusted individually for each gymnast since we will likely end up with kids who now train for competitions and kids at recreational levels. There are Russian coaches in Trnava who I am arranging for all of our kids to train with, as well as me.

*Gym Festival: Largest international competition in the country held annually in Trnava. 2008 Olympic medallist, Oxana Chusovitina, will be competing this year as well as other famous gymnasts. I am finding out the rules for younger kids and age groups for Gym-Festival. Id like to arrange for any kids who are ready, to compete in an appropriate level and age group in the Gym-Fest. (Competition is optional).

Websites: Slovakia tourism site:

It is recommended for each gymnast to be accompanied by a parent. Everyone is responsible for cost associated with their own flight tickets, hotel, meals and any other spending money. Coaching fees are as follows:
- cost of a flight ticket for a coach, Zuzana Sekerova
- 1-4 gymnasts $500, split between participants, 5+gymnasts $150 each

I anticipate for second coach traveling with us, Megan Shubeck. Coach Wayne may also join us. This is small private, super cool, international camp nothing like the gym camps in the U.S. Besides gymnastics we are planning a trip to Prague, Vienna and/or Budapest. If you are interested, send a video of your self training and or competing to Zuzana Sekerova, P.O. Box 11344, Savannah, GA 31412 and call me at 912-398-4202.

New artwork images added

My art gallery has been updated with new images. To view my gallery click this link, then click on "OPEN ART GALLERY HERE."

Images added to my art gallery today:

Interactive projects: Go to the gallery first, read the description, then click on the gallery image and the project will open in new window for you to play with.


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