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06 December 2007
It's been so long...
Sorry everyone!
It's been so long since I had a chance to update my site and let you know what I am up to. But I will catch up with you now.

First of all school. I have been continuing my education at SCAD this fall. I took 20th Century Art, 3D Design, and History of Graphic Design classes (photos of my newest projects are in BEYOND > EDUCATION then click OPEN ART GALLERY HERE). I pulled off 4.0 this quarter again but it was the hardest quarter yet. The reason for that was Coach Wayne's mobile gymnastics business called CoachWayne2GO. We have started it in April this year and it really took off this summer so there was lot of teaching to do as well as lot of administrative work.
At the end of December, Guy Knepper, who is our only coach (besides Coach Wayne and I) is going to move back to St. Luis, his home town. We are going to continue teaching all classes but we are also looking to hire new coaches - YOU, RIGHT THERE, YOU SHOULD GIVE US A CALL! YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TEACH GYMNASTICS TO KIDS AND NOW YOU HAVE THE CHANCE! Call us at 1-888-548-4545.

With CoachWayne2GO we currently teach at 5 different locations in Georgia and South Carolina. For Locations see Coach Wayne's web site. We are also promoting the Olympics at elementary by doing gymnastics demonstrations during PE hours (well, they are not just demonstrations - we actually teach gymnastics to ALL the kids present). During month of December and January we are at Hilton Head IBE. More demonstrations are to come in Hilton Head and Savannah area starting next year.

As to my gymnastics training, my achilles rehab has been taking little longer than I wanted but I am now tumbling some on tracks and training surfaces but only short runs and small stuff like lays and fulls. I have ways to go before my achilles if flexible enough to absorb deep knee bend landing but more importantly I have ways to go psychologically not to be afraid of getting hurt 'BAD'. So for now I am training just a little bit, mostly teaching and working out with our students, but when I do make it to the gym at the Island YMCA I work primarily single bar on top of the pit (they do not have uneven bars on top of the pit and my achilles is not ready to hold me if I fall off the high bar onto my feet).

Oh, and I have switched my major from Graphic design to Interactive design at the and of the fall quarter so hopefully my newly gained programming skills will reflect on my web site next year!

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25 August 2007
Fall is coming
Summer went by very fast. Between helping to start up CoachWayne2GO company and recovering from my achilles tendon rupture there was not much time for anything else (the only other thing: CoachWayne and I have moved from apartment complex on the Wilmington Island into Gordonston neighborhood in Savannah, GA). In August CoachWayne has launched "2GO" classes at South Bridge in Savannah - our new location. These classes are held on Monday afternoons.

I will keep teaching for CoachWayne2GO for sure till the end of this summer but September is coming faster than I would want to and my school load will hold me back from teaching a bunch. SCAD (school) starts on Sep.10th.

Only other big news is that I'll be going to visit home to Slovakia for few days in September (13-16 Sept.).

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27 July 2007
It's been 3 months since I've ruptured my achilles tendon at the European Championships in Amsterdam. I can almost walk normally again (still with a tiny limp). I am doing physical therapy at "Sport and Spine" on Wilmington Island in Savannah, twice a week. I am still rarely at the gym since I can't even do bars yet - I must be very careful (still) not to drop from any heights onto my foot, and getting in a pit is still questionable since my flexibility is not 100% yet.

In the mean while, I am teaching gymnastics and tumbling classes for CoachWayne2GO Company (a new company by Coach Wayne). Classes are currently held at Bluffton's Sun and Moon martial arts studio on Saturdays, at Landings-Savannah fitness club on Thursdays, and Richmond Hill's Kids R Us preschool on Wednesdays. New classes starting August 6th will be held at South Bridge Savannah on Mondays. For now I am teaching most of the classes along with Guy Knepper. I also create the curriculum that we teach... for more see

AND....CoachWayne2GO will be expanding all over the South-East U.S. If you'd like to become an instructor for CoachWayne2GO give us a call at 1-888-548-4545.

Currently I am off from school but will be starting back up in the fall. If you still remember, I am at SCAD, in the graphic design department.

And while I am unable to practice much in the gym, I am accepting web site projects on freelance-basis...if you need a help with your project, just give me a call. 912-398-4202 or email me from my contact page.

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20 June 2007
Out of cast, re-learning to walk
Yesterday my physiotherapist took me out of my walking cast and instructed me to start walking in shoes with heel cups to keep my heel still slightly in a plantar flexion for safety. So I have been walking around (actually it looks more like rocking from side to side... kind of like Frankenstein) for two days now. My calf is starting get pretty sore from all the walking after 2 months of inactivity. And I have some nice swelling around my achilles and ankle too. My physiotherapist says I should be walking like a human again in about one month. I'll keep you updated on my progress.

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03 June 2007
"While heel heals, Sekerova teaches. Savannah-based gold medallist, husband bring mobile gym to Bluffton"
The Island Packet Online has released an article about CoachWayne and I featuring our new mobile gymnastics program called CoachWayne2Go. read about it here. top

25 May 2007
One month after my achilles surgery
I seem to be doing pretty good - I have dreams on regular bases that my cast is off and I am walking without crutches :). --> Even though that is going to take a little longer I feel that means my achilles is healing, the pain and discomfort is going away and mentally I am better prepared to get back to normal life and hopefully gymnastics too.

Today at the doctor:
Dr. Hoffman of Chatham Orthopedics put me in a "walking boot" (finally!) and next Wednesday I start physiotherapy. My next doctor appointment is in one month.

At your own discretion you can look at pictures of my leg after surgery (the photos are not retouched so if your stomach rejects any sight of scars, bruises, or blood please do not open!):

2 weeks after surgery:
the calf is getting smaller
the scar
the scar 2

1 month after surgery (today):
one month after surgery
cutting the cast (which freaks me out)
the cast is off and the calf is smaller once again
the new fancy air cast is on

PS: At school (SCAD) I have one more week left - next week is finals week. And then finally a summer off.

07 May 2007
Achilles injury at the Europeans in Amsterdam, Holland
On April 26th I have ruptured my achilles tendon. This happened at the European Championships in Amsterdam, Holland in warm up on floor right before competition. I was warming up double back pike and my achilles ruptured on the take off. I had no previous injury to my right achilles or had no pain prior to this tumbling pass.

On April 27th I underwent a surgery which was done by Dr. Rene Kingma in the Rotterdam hospital. Dr. Kingma recommends 6 weeks of none-weight bering cast and then 3 months of cast I can walk on.

Currently I am taking it easy and trying to catch-up and finish-up with school. I will take the summer off from school to focus on healing my achilles and maybe do some coaching too.

As to the continuation of my gymnastics career, I will take it one step at a time and see...

19 April 2007
CoachWayne2Go exhibition
Today I will do a little exhibition and autograph signing to support start up of new mobile gymnastics program CoachWayne2Go organized by CoachWayne.  Come see me at 5:30pm at the Oakridge Fitness Center multi-purpose room. 11 Westcross Road, Savannah, GA.  More information about the program can be found here top
14 April 2007
Getting ready for the ECH (Europeans)
I will be leaving to Amsterdam on the 21st.   I will compete in three events: bars, beam and floor.  Slovakia will not have a team this year, however another gymnast from Slovakia - Natalia Paulickova - will make a showing as the second gymnast from Slovakia. For men's gymnastics, Samuel Piasecky and Alexander Benko will make a showing.  I can't wait to compete again on a large venue such as the Europeans as well as meeting some old friends there. top
18 March 2007
International Gymnast Magazine
International Gymnast Magazine has published an article about me in the March-April issue. To purchase this issue visit then click "subscribe." To read only the article about me, visit my PRESS section. top
16 March 2007
SCAD winter quarter is over
Yesterday was my last day of finals week at SCAD. Although the break is going to be only 10 days long, it feels good to finally have time to sleep, not having to drive to school everyday and having more time to train gymnastics. 

Savannah is getting ready for tomorrow's St. patrick's Day when everything turns green and the celebration last all day.  Coach Wayne and I will probably go see the parade for a while and then train in the afternoon - good time to train while everyone is out of the gym :).

Also, there are new photos posted in the "beyond" section under Education>SCAD>Open Art Gallery from my Drawing and Color Theory classes. See it now.
26 February 2007
European Championships
I have spoken to the Slovak Gymnastics Federation (SGF) and the good news is, they will allow me to compete at the European Championships in Amsterdam this year. I will not be competing all-around because I contacted SGF after the final registrations were submitted. Instead, I will be replacing a competitor who was registered to compete at three events: bars, beam, and floor. SGF also placed requirement for me to place to 16th place on any of the events to be put back onto the National Team roster (I was taken off due to my inactivity in competitive gymnastics since Worlds in November 2005).

As far as I know, there will not be women's team competing for Slovakia this year. Only another competitor for Slovakia next to me will be Natalia Paulickova from Trnava - same gym I grew up in :). top
17 February 2007
New videos added in the "media" section
New video from 3-4 February 2007 Las Vegas exhibition added to the "Media" section. Also, I'd like to say BIG THANK YOU! to judges Dona Jones (right) and Elisabeth Crandall (left) for taking the time after each event and suggesting changes to my routines to better fit the 2006 change in code of points.

New video from February 2007 training in Savannah added to the "Media" section. top
21 January 2007
New photo gallery added
See Media>Photo Gallery> (next screen) Old Family Black & Whites. top
15 January 2007
New Art photo
New photo posted in the "beyond" section under Education>SCAD>Open Art Gallery. See it now. top
11 January 2007
Interview with International Gymnast Magazine Online
Latest interview with me is posted on International Gymnast Online.  Also look out for the February/March issue of printed International Gymnast Magazine for more about me. top

New Art photos
New photos posted in the "beyond" section under Education>SCAD>Open Art Gallery. See it now. top
8 January 2007
Winter quarter at SCAD
And here we go again - back in school. This quarter I am signed up for Survey of Western Art History II, Color Theory and Drawing II. Survey of Western Art History II will teach me about the Renaissance period in Italy, Baroque in western Europe, Realism, Post-Impressionism, etc. I do not know what most of this terms mean yet, but that's the point of the class - teach me about it. Drawing II will be teaching life drawing and Color Theory is self explanatory, right? top
6 January 2007
First competition under the new rules
I am scheduled to compete at the "Vegas Vacations" at Salcianu Gymnastics in Las Vegas on February 3rd and 4th. top
1 January 2007
New web site launch
Welcome to my redesigned site. I hope you are going to like it even better than the old one. This site should be easier to navigate due to its multiple levels of navigation systems. It has more photos that are better organized and finally, more videos to see. Check back often for updates. To receive email notice when new updates have been posted, sign up for my mailing list on the home page. top


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