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2 October 2006
Region 8, Level 9-10-Elite training camp
Hi Everyone. Coming weekend, October 6-7, I will be teaching at Region 8 training camp, Levels 9-10-Elite. The camp is hostd by Ultimate Gymnastics in Suwana, GA. I'll be teaching beam. top
10 August 2006
New in my academics
I will be earning associate's degree in business administration from South University in Savannah after this summer quarter. Starting in fall of 2006 I will start studies at Savannah College of Art and Design,, where I have received highest available portfolio scholarship. I will be studying toward bachelorís degree in graphic design.

There are no competitions scheduled for me since Slovak Gymnastics Federation has decided to exclude me from the 2006 and 2007 World Championships. top
10 July 2006
New in Slovak Gymnstics
Published by on June 18, 2006:

Under the headline Sekerova refused Europeans Slovak newspaper SME informs that Slovak Gymnastics Federation will send only 2 women to compete at 2006 World Championships in Aarhus (DEN). The main reason is the fact that in USA living Zuzana Sekerova who was supposed to be the leader of Slovak team did not agreed to come for one month long training camp in Trnava before Worlds. In this case Slovak national team coach Krekanova eliminated Sekerova from not only 2006 Worlds, but also Worlds 2007 which will be qualification for 2008 Olympics.

What Zuzana Sekerova has to say?
"I am sorry that coach Krekanova thinks I am speculating... The truth is I can not leave school for one month. What can I do? I understand Slovak Gymnastics Federation position and wish good luck in Aarhus. I hope and I believe that the girls who will represent Slovakia at Worlds will do their best!!!"

I don't think women's gymnastics in Slovakia is so great that it can ignore gymnast like Sekerova (two-time Olympian, winner of World Cup meet in Chile, 6th on beam at 2004 European Championships). More useful would be to set qualifying limit at some international competition and if she passes send her to Aarhus. top
2 June 2006
What's New?
I am teaching at the Islands YMCA in Savannah, GA couple days a week. I am also teaching privately two devoted gymnasts Reagan Glisson and Brook Arnold. We are working on level 5 routines but also on skills beyond level 5. Both girls have summer full of training ahead of them to prepare for their competition season that starts in late August.

My spring quarter at South University is almost over; two weeks left. I am hopping to keep up my grades again... I have also been admitted to Savannah College of Art and Design which I am planning to start attending in the fall (2006).

With Coach Wayne, my husband, we keep producing lessons on how to tumble and how to teach tumbling. The newest lesson we have completed is called "Back Tuck: Progression - Instructor's edition." The lesson is exclusively sold online at in the WebStore. top
7 May 2006
European Championships
I did not compete at this 2006 Europeans but if you are interested in the results, check out Slovakia's male gymnast, Samuel Piasecky, advanced to the parallel bars finals from 6th place on May 4th. Today in the apparatus finals he finished 8th. Congratulations Samo to making it all the way to the apparatus finals. top
4 April 2006
What's new?
School has started again. I have fortunately kept up my 4.0 last quarter (which I am very proud of). After I get my Associates degree in business administration at South University this summer (SU is where I am now), I would like to change university. Just to do something little different. And hopefully my good grades will help me in obtaining academic scholarship at the new university. And no, I didn't give up on college gymnastics yet! I am still looking at different universities and I am considering joining forces with one of the D1 school gymnastics programs. So that's where the change of schools may come in play this fall... MAYBE :)!!!

Also, very important, I am beginning to get back in shape to compete again. Like I said before, I am hopping to compete at this year's World Championships. I know it will not be easy to make it there but I think I am up for that challenge.

If I didn't mention before, I am mentioning it now :), I am working couple days a week at the YMCA that I workout at as a gymnastic coach. And today am I especially proud of two girls, Bailey and Reagan, that got the courage after only about month of training of giant to go up on high bar of uneven bars and do it there!!! Great job girls. Keep it up!!! I am so proud of you. top
10 March 2006
Just more news
Hi, everyone! I am glad that this school quarter is coming to its end. One more week of school and than week of finals and than well deserved spring break. Hopefully I will be able to keep up my 4.0 average.

Lately I was training very little due to a bad flu (flu season in Savannah is just coming to its end. At least I hope so). But now I am getting back on track...

I am being very busy these days. Besides working at the Islands YMCA as a coach I am working part time for local company called eThreeMedia designing websites and duplicating discs (and other stuff). I am loving my work!!!

Yesterday, March 9, I went to a screening of a movie called Greening of Mr. Chip. It is production by graduate student from local college - from SCAD. I appeared in the movie for about 1 second passing by as a waitress :). I do not know whether any of you will be able to see it at any time, but you can go check out the website for this movie:

Also new modeling pictures will be coming soon in my photos section. top
10 February 2006
What's new
School: In the mean while I have started school back up (as of January 18th). I am taking four courses so it is plenty of homework, reading and studying.

In my gymnastics world: I wasn't able to accept an offer from Slovak Gymnastics Federation (SGF)to compete at the European Championships because I wasn't able to satisfy some of the requirements they had. I also do not know much about the new rules in gymnastics for this year so I would not be ready skill wise. I am still hoping though that we are going to come to an agreement with SGF and I will be able to make a showing at the Worlds this year.

Coaching: Coach Wayne, my husband, and I also offered to help out to the local Island YMCA gymnastics program (a gym in which a regularly train) as a coaching staff after they experienced sudden leave of two of their coaches. This is only a temporary coaching position for Coach Wayne and I. I will switch next week from coaching 5 days a week to 2 days a week since it seems like they found a replacement for on of their lost coaches.

Modeling: I had few more modeling photo shoots so some pictures should be coming within few days. Check back to my website soon and see them in the "photos" section. top
5 January 2006
About the new year
Hi everyone, First, I would like to wish all of you happy new year; let the 2006 be better than the year of 2005. So here are some thing I have planned for this year:

- My last quarter ended in December and I kept up 4.0 GPA. My next quarter in school starts on January 17th and I will be taking four (4) classes. When this winter quarter is over I should be eligible to compete gymnastics in college; hopefully I'll catch the next season.
- If everything goes well in school I should have my Associates degree by the end of summer 2006 (from South University).
- Coach Wayne (my husband) and I are working on series of 50 new titles (online and CD format) for athletes and coaches to provide them with more knowledge about gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading.
- Whether I will be competing at major competition this year is still unclear. My gymnastics federation should make some final decisions by January 14th (at least they say so).
- if you speak/read Slovak, there is interesting "discussion" about what's going on inside SGF (Slovak Gymnastics Federation) posted at top


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