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30 November 2005
World Championships in Melbourne 2005
Hi everyone, I am back home from Australia where I competed at the Apparatus World Championships (2005) as you all may know. I did alright on FX, VT and UB. Beam was a big disaster! There are many reasons why I fell five times from beam and received 5.725 but I will not blame anything or anyone else. I will rather take this as an inspiration for working even harder in the next year so that I do not repeat such mistakes.

My scores starting with FX (the first event I competed):

FX      8.187
VT      8.887
UB      8.012
BB      5.725
Total   30.811

Some other comments about Melbourne Worlds can be found at: and complete results can be found at:

I will be posting some photos from outside of the gym that I took while we were in Melbourne so look out for those.

Also do not forget to sign up for my mailing list if you already didn't do so since I am giving out something every month something to few from the mailing list, plus, you will once in a while receive news about me in an email so you will always know the hottest news :). top
5 November 2005
Ready for Australia
I will be leaving to Melbourne, Australia on the 10th of this month. Melbourne hosts the individual apparatus Worlds which will allow specialists on individual events to earn their title as a world champion. This event will most likely be heavily televised in Australia. Although U.S. channels may broadcast the event it will most likely be the finals only. I will stay through November 28th and right after the return I will focus on my finals at school (South University). top
5 October 2005
Back from Slovakia
I am back from Slovakia now. On the 24th I have competed in the team with Samuel Piasecky at the Grand Prix in Brno and we took 3rd place. Also await the winners for this month to be announced in a day or two. top
August 2005
Universiade 2005, Izmir, Turkey
AA Qualification: 19th place - 34.324
AA (24) Finals: 14th place - 34.087

more results at: top
August 2005
Universiade 2005, Izmir, Turkey
Photos from the Universiade in Izmir, Turkey are now online. Check them out here. More news about Izmir coming soon. top
26 May 2005
President's Honor List
Today I have been recognized as a member of South University's President List for winter quarter 2005. I had 4.0 GPA average for that quarter (it was my first quarter). In winter I was taking English Comp. I, Macroeconomics, Psychology and Intro to Business - just to remind
3 May 2005
Past and fututre travel
I have been traveling to Greenwich, Connecticut with CoachWayne this weekend. We taught a tumbling clinic up there. The gym was very nice; coachís and students as well. All of us had lots of fun (I believe).

I am planning to travel to Slovakia for training camp during June 10-24. From there Iíll be going to Como, Italy and compete there on 25th of June. The following Monday Iíll be starting my summer quarter at South University in Savannah, GA. top
19 April 2005
I spent all day today in Atlanta, GA. I had some immigration responsibilities. Today afternoon I am happy to announce that I am permanent resident of the U.S. which gives me more freedom in traveling to the competition and I don't have to worry about missing any of it because of not having the proper travel documents (as it happened in 2004).

I wil still continue to compete for my home country - Slovakia :)! U.S. citizenship is at least three years away... top
12 April 2005
World Cup in Brasil
I finished 5th on vault final at Saturday's competition. I stood up my new vault that I competed first time in my life - that made me happy. I was doing my regular vault: fronthandspring pike with a half turn; as a second vault I did the new one: Round-ff half on pike out. My average score was only about 8.250 so I know I have things to work on at home.

I have arrived home to Savannah today and I have lots of school work I need to catch up with. top
7 April 2005
The Day of Qualification
I am in Sao Paolo, Brazil now! How exciting. Competition is tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me, please ;). Competition starts about 1:00pm local time which is US Eastern time + 1hour.

I will let you know the results as soon as I will be able to get back onto my computer.

Thanks for being such a wonderful fans! top
1 March 2005
World Cup in Sao Paolo, Brazil
I am getting ready for the world cup in Sao Paolo. Coach Wayne,, is helping me to get ready but will not travel with me to the competition. In Brazil I will meet the Slovak National Team coach Katarina Krekanova. Also a coach and a male gymnast will be coming for that competition from Slovakia. I will keep you posted on how do I do at the meet. Check back soon. ( The competition will be starting around April 10, I believe ). top
21 March 2005
In February 2005 one of Slovakia's gyms burned down. This was a gym in Kosice city. Gymnasts, parent and coaches are trying to raise money to rebuild it but it is going to take a lot. If you can help in any way, please DONATE some money! (Email me for more info on how to donate). Thanks for your help. top
21 March 2005
South University second quarter
My first quarter at South University is successfully over. I did very well and came out with 4.0. Next quarter I will be taking English Composition II, Intro to Finance, Biology I, and Accounting I. (As you can see I am in the BBS program - Business School). top
28 January 2005
South University
Hi everyone, and sorry for not posting any news for a while. On January 10th of this year a started studying at South university in Savannah. This quarter am I taking four courses: English, Macroeconomics, Psychology and Intro to Business. I am doing fine so far. Most of my tests are next week so I have lots of studying to do :). Check back soon for updates on my gymnastics life :))) top


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