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24 December 2004
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to evryone. I wish you happy holidays; success and hapiness in the new year 2005. Take care! top
November 2004
IG Magazine
International Gymnast Magazine published little something about me in their November 2004 issue. If you get a chance, glance at it. To subscribe to IG magazine or order back issues, click here. To visit IG Magazine Online, click here. top
1 November 2004
ATTENTION: New Moreau leotards
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9 October 2004
After SAT test
I took the SAT test and now I have to wait for the results. In a mean while I'll be getting ready for World Cup series in Glasgow and Ghent (both in Europe). I'm still looking at different universities and deciding where I would like to study and who to compete for. But the list is narrowing down and I hope to start in January ;). top
14 September 2004
Back from La Serena, Chile
Hi's been great experience go to La Serena World Cup 2004. They have very nice land in La Serena, well organized competition, lot of wonderful fans and good food (although needs little more variety ;).

La Serena World Cup competition hosted only about 14 women gymnasts and about twice as much male gymnasts. Despite of small number of women gymnasts the competition had pretty good quality thanks to American Elizabeth Trincase, Marcia Newby and Carly Janiga. Also Brazilian girls Daniele Hypolito and Merly De Jesus and Dutch Laura Van Leeuwen. Laura showed everybody how a world class routine on uneven bars should look like (I'm going to work on my bar routine now to make it as good as hers - hopefuly better :).

I missed finals on bars and floor just by couple hundreds of a tenth and made finals only on beam (see results bellow).

I performed on the beam very consistently (no falls in qualification, semi-finals neither finals). U.S.A.'s Carly Janiga fell in qualification and finals from her "E" valued skill "tuck full" performed after back-handspring step out. Danielle Hypolito of Brazil fell from the beam as well in the finals competition. Maybe she was nervous or just tired. Danielle competed in three event finals - bars, beam and floor exercise.

For pictures from this competition please visit my "Photo" section of the website and than click on "La Serena 2004 World Cup" gallery to view it. ....view the gallery now. top
11 September 2004
La Serena, Chile: World Cup Series A - Finals

Event Place Starting score Total after deductions Competitors per event  

Beam 1st  9.700  9.000 top

10 September 2004
La Serena, Chile: World Cup Series A - Semi-Finals

Event Place Starting score Total after deductions Competitors per event  

Vault 7th  9.200 / 9.100  8.425 8  
Bars 4th  9.500  8.875 8  
Beam 3rd  9.600  8.850  
Floor 4th  9.400  8.675 top

09 September 2004
La Serena, Chile: World Cup Series A - Qualification

Event Place Starting score Total after deductions Competitors per event  

Vault 8th  9.400 / 9.600 7.950 8  
Bars 6th  9.500  8.800 8  
Beam 1st  9.700  8.925 11  
Floor 5th  9.200 7.800 10  top

5 September 2004
Getting ready for World Cup in La Serena, Chile
I'll be leaving with Coach Wayne as my coach to La Serena this week on Wednesday. It is after Olympic season so we will see how much energy do I have to compete so early after such a big event as the Olympics. top
25 August 2004
Asking for Advice

My name is Nicole and I have always dreamed of being a gymnast. I was wondering how long it took you to learn everything and how hard it was. I would love it if you could give me some advice on being a gymnast.

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for being interested in Artistic Gymnastics.

I became a gymnast when I was 4 years I have done gymnastics for 16 years now!!!

It is not easy to learn any of the gymnastics skills because it takes everyday practice and lot of sweat. It would be very hard to tell you "how to become gymnast" step by step and day by day...but I recommend, if you make decision to dedicate yourself to become a gymnast, that you get into the gym and start ASAP. Of course you will need a coach in the gym but you can also improve your gymnastics and learn faster if you understand what the skills need to look like, how they need to be performed and what preparation exercises you can do at home to become better faster. You should do lots of strength exercises and stretching. Strength will help you hold your body in the right position while performing your skills and stretching will allow you the range of motion that some skills may require!

There are lots of videos for sale on the web but also free articles that you can read to better understand gymnastics. One site like that is Coach Wayne writes articles mostly about tumbling which is also big part of gymnastics.

I hope this answered some of your questions you have about what to do to become a gymnast. top
14 August 2004
Eduard KUKAN visiting the Slovak Olympic Team in Greece
Eduard KUKAN Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic today visited the Slovak Olympic Team in the Olympic Village in Athens, Greece. He met athletes coming from their practices, shook hands and wished the best of luck to all of us. top
11 August 2004
Name day
I'm celebrating my "name day" today (by Slovak calendar). top
10 August 2004
Day of rest
In the morning I had only short warm up and the rest of the day is regeneration. top
9 August 2004
Olympic Village update:
You can reach me at 0030-697-693-8801 (Please call only if voice contact is necessary). Otherwise email me. THANKS

More athletes are coming to the Village and we can see the busses are not driving around half empty anymore. The "net cafe" is filling up and lines at the bag storage in front of the dinning room are getting longer too. top
9 August 2004
Who's my olympic coach.
Lot's of people are asking "who's your olympic coach?" Well, my coach is my husband William Wayne Evans AKA ~CoachWayne!. He is from Savannah, GA, USA for many generations and he is the one that goes to practices with me all year long while I'm in the US. Wayne is my executive coach and manager too. Slovak Olympic Committee with Slovak Gymnastics Federation decided to send with me to Athens Olympics 2004 my earlier coach, Katarina Krekanova. Katarina was my coach in 2001 for about 8 months right before I paused my gymnastics career in November 2001. I also trained with Katarina for 3 months before the OG while I was in Slovakia for pre-olympic training camp. See more of my coaches HERE. top
8 August 2004
Olympic Village
Not everything in the Village is quite ready but Greeks are working on it. I estimate the less than 40% of athletes are in the village. top
7 August 2004
Arriving to Athens
Our air plane took of in Vienna 40 minutes late, 12:45PM. The flight itself was OK except occasional turbulence :). Accreditation was at the airport and my coach and I were done in few minutes. Slovak Officials took us to the Olympic Village to unpack.

At 7.00PM we practiced in Dekelia center. Pretty much just a warm up after the flight :) top
22 July 2004
News from Slovakia
I'm currently training with Jana Komrskova in the gym in Trnava where I basically spent most of my life - in the Gymnastics Club Slavia Trnava. Jana is the only Czech gymnast qualified for Athens Olympics 2004. So we are in about the same situation.

Gymnastics part of the Slovak Olympic Team will be leaving to Athens on the 7th of August.
My podium training will be in evening hours on 12th August.
Artistic Gymnastics Qualification competition is scheduled on 15th of August. I will be starting 5th on beam in MIX 2. top
23 May 2004
Back to Slovakia
I'll be leaving back to Slovakia on May 29th. My access to internet in Slovakia is not as easy as here so please have some patience with me and I'll try to update the web and put up some news as often as I will be able to. top
22 May 2004
Read International Gymnast Magazine Online
Update story on me and more about my performance in Amsterdam 2004. Visit intlgymnast.comtop
20 May 2004
European Championships 2004 - Amsterdam,NED
All results may be found on or my personal results only my be found on this site in the Competitions
19 May 2004
I am officially qualified for the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.
My pre-olympic training will start 30th May 2004 in my home city Trnava, Slovakia. CoachWayne will oversee the preparation process from the US. We hope he will be present at the Olympic Games in


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